Welcome to EliteCore. 

This is a x1000 server with stable ping for 8man tribes (no alliances). We organize events giveaways and more. We have friendly and active admins who are always ready to help when needed. 



We wipe every 2 weeks on Friday at 19:00 CET

4map cluster  


The Center

The Island

 And one map that rouletes every wipe.  We let the players decide what map it will be.


-No ally looking 








-Maga plugin

 -Discord integrator

 -No Autobreed  



-Better reusables 

 -Super structures

  -Classic flyers 

 -Editable server UI

  -Awesome teleporters  

-Tek armory cabinet  

-ARK Customizer 

– Settings evolved 

 -Dino storage v2  

-plant species Z wild seed 

 -Awesome spyglass  

-Elite Core  

-Advanced engram unlocker  


-Getter component    

-Engram unlocker   

mod list:


- x1000 all

 - Many purchasables in the shop/kits

 - 8man tribes - Boosted drops/bosses 

- Max lvl players 200 

- Max lvl dino 300 

- Stable ping! 

- Balanced stat scalings 

- Everything is set to get you ready to pvp ASAP 

-Events and giveaways