Welcome to Elitecore!

Elitecore is a x1000 cluster with a friendly and healthy community. In order to get you started and ready for pvp quickly, we have great kits and a large shop! On our site you will find all the information you require. From gamelinks all the way to donations!

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X1000 Ragnarok steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3202 ip:
X1000 Center steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3208 ip:
X1000 TheIsland steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3206 ip:
X1000 Valguero steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3212 ip:
X1000 Extinction steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3204 ip:
X1000 Lost Island steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3226 ip:
X1000 Fjordur steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3218 ip:
X1000 Event Server steam://connect/join.elitecore.nl:3228 ip:

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